The time-tracking tool that helps self-employed people bill better.

If you're self-employed, there is one insoluble fact: time is money.

Capn's Log is a handy sidebar app that helps you organize, track, and bill the time you work.

How? As you work, add notes to your private Capn's Log workfeed. It's just like a newsfeed but it contains the work you do for clients. Track time spent, expenses, or just notes.

The result: you'll find billable time that otherwise would have gone into the ether.

And that, as they say, is found money.

Organize • Track • Invoice • Be happy

Pricing Launch Sidebar App

Every project is a workfeed.

Imagine a comprehensive feed of all the work you have done.

A scrollable, searchable, sharable, sliceable, diceable, pie-chartable feed of everything you do.

That's a Capn's Log workfeed.

Capn's Log is a handy sidebar app that provides an easy way for you to keep track of all the work you do.

Then, when you ask yourself What did I do?, the answer is literally at your fingertips.

When it comes time to reconcile, Capn's Log generates a handy, editable list of all the work you've done.

Make any adjustments you need and click the "Generate Invoice" button.

What you can do with Capn's Log.

  • Track billable and non-billable items and expenses
  • Add notes wherever you are, from your computer or phone
  • Easily search for previous items
  • Upload supporting files like screenshots, docs, spreadsheets, and PDFs
  • Create unlimited projects per client
  • Share projects with collaborators

Where does the time go?

Whether you are working on hourly or flat-fee projects, keeping track of your time keeps your practice on track.

An easy-to-read pie chart gives you a quick view of how you've been spending your time.

With Capn's Log, you can see the true cost of a project and make more informed decisions about the projects you take on.

A piechart gives you a quick, high-level view of how you've been spending your time.

Rapid invoicing.

A sharp-looking invoice PDF with an itemized list of your workfeed will appear for you to send to your client. Or, use the list as a backup reference for your own invoice.

First 30-days Free.

If you don't see substantial benefit from Capn's Log in the first month, then you don't need it. That's why the first 30 days are free.

But, if you feel like you're working more hours than you're billing out—and you probably are—Capn's Log will help you get a clearer picture of where your time goes.


It's a web site. You know how to use it. It's a web site optimized to operate on your phone and computer.


Look, it's not designed to win awards. It's designed to help you track time. And it does that with a pretty single-minded view. Once you start using it, resistance is futile.


Capn's Log is focused on a single mission, to help you keep track of your billable time and to make it easier to generate complete invoices.

Price List

Capn's Log is for self-employed people so the pricing is pretty straight-forward.
No credit card required.

Solo Unlimited

Unlimited project workfeeds.
First 30 days is free.
If you don't see substantial benefit from Capn's Log in the first month, then you don't need it and you will have risked nothing.

Join the waiting list!

Get on the Capn's Log waiting list and get an email as soon as it launches!

No contracts, cancel any time.

What does your Capn's Log subscription include?

Unlimited project workfeeds for unlimited clients...
You can create as many project workfeeds for as many clients as you want.
View workfeeds by project, by client, and by your entire practice...
You can see your workfeeds by individual project, all projects for a single client, or a full workfeed of all projects for all clients.
First 30-days free...
The first 30 days are free. No credit card required. If Capn's Log doesn't prove its worth within 30 days, then you don't need it.
Add billable and non-billable items & expenses...
You can add both billable and non-billable items and expenses to Capn's Log. This will help you keep track of the true total costs of the project.
Upload supporting docs (screenshots, docs, spreadsheets, and PDFs)...
Post the final doc or spreadsheet or a screenshot of the work or a PDF to the workfeed.
Share projects with collaborators...
Work more effectively with collaborators by showing all collaborator activities in one project workfeed.
Collaborator work rolls up into the very same invoice.
When you share a project, the work you collaborator contributes rolls up onto the single invoice for the project.
Rapid invoicing...
You can generate a full invoice in seconds. Or, you can edit what's on the invoice.
Piechart of time spent by client...
A handy pie chart gives you a per-client overview of where you are spending your time.
Track hourly and flat-fee projects...
Track how much time you spend on Flat-fee projects so you know your effective rate. Or, track and bill by the hour.
Set different rates for different projects.
You can set rates based on what you have agreed for the specific project.



"Capn's Log is super-useful helping me track all of my time..."
— Suzi F, Chicago

"...more billable hours...

"I'm tracking more billable hours and I no longer have to scour email and my calendar to figure out how much time I worked..."
— Rachael M, Boston

"Pays for itself..."

"Last month I billed out more than enough extra hours so that Capn's Log pays for itself."
— Kathleen S, Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Capn's Log support different rates for different projects?

Yes. You set the rates per project so you can charge what you want.

Is there a limit to the number of projects I can have?

There is no limit to the number of projects you can have. As you complete projects, you can move them off the Active list so you can focus on what's in front of you.

Can I share a project?

Yes, you can share a project with anyone, even the client. When you share a project, any work done on that project gets tallied together into a single invoice.

What is a "Workfeed"?

A workfeed is all of the activities associated with a project. If you have shared the project with someone, the workfeed includes all of the work done by your colleague, too.